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Sunday's Scribblings !  

Hello there,

We are in the 6th month of the year already... long evenings here in "Blighty" at the moment, lovely sunsets to gaze at around 9pm. I love twilight!

Anyway, I have gone all "Multi Media" on you this month, there is a new "interactive gallery" on one of the articles, I have made a couple of videos and my first Podcast! Wow, what a learning curve! LOL

I have also created a new set of background papers which will be up for sale soon (see Review section).

You may notice that most of the article links take you to the SundayLDesigns site. This is to save me time in not having to write everything twice for two websites, thus I may well be able to bring you more infomation (there's quite a lot in this one already!) and also create more time for my other design and writing projects, all of which you will be the first to know about! 

So, I hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter, any feedback is always welcome, just click reply on your subscriber emails.

Warm Wishes to you and here's to your Crafting Success.


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This Month's Articles




Patchwork Style Scrapbooking and Cards

Patchwork Style cardThere are a number of ways that you can achieve a “patchwork” feel to your scrapbooking pages, and indeed this style can be used to great effect on cards too.

I call this a “style” as opposed to a technique because, as I am about to show, you can achieve the look in a number of ways.

Read More>>


Scrapbooking Page Tour of the Layout "Laughing Together"video


Patchwork syle scrapbooking layoutThis is about the page in the article above, which I made to show a “Patchwork style” scrapbooking layout. Couple of tips in this video too including one about titles.


Watch the video>>


Two Ideas to get you Scrapbooking Again

get scrapping againI was in conversation with my mum, when on a visit, and she was voicing concerns about the fact that she had soooo many photos that she really “should” scrapbook. You know… all the ones she has inherited from her parents, along with all the photos of her life up to this point.

This is not an uncommon mis-conception that we are “supposed” to scrapbook certain things...

Read More>>



Scrapbooking without using a photo - PODCAST!

Scrapbooking leaving space for a photoThis is my very first Podcast!  For those Not “in the know”, it’s basically an audio recording, which you can listen to by clicking the Play button in the article!

It's a Scrapbooking Layout  “Audio Page Tour”, of a page "with no name", and that's because there's no photo... yet! But I am chatting about how making a page without photos can kick start your scrapping again and I give some TIPS on how to make your papers go further.

Listen to the Podcast>>




Blog Posts RoundUp

Click on a headline to read the story/watch the video


300 year old letters used for Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers video


Why we should Scrapbook Ourselves


ICanCraftNow.com to the Rescue!

My Personal Video Series - Meet my Koi... Oscar and Tango! video



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This is a brand new set of downloadable background papers which I have designed recently using one of the 300 year old letters I made a video about (see blog posts roundup section above). In fact it is soooo brand new that I haven't even uploaded the collection to the ICanCraftNow.com website yet!


Colourful Beauty Hybrid Scrapbooking Collection by SundayL


However, I will let you know as soon as it is... probably with the June Freebie... see below.





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Sketch and Challenge 





Sketch - Yet another multi-photo scrapbooking page, this time I have created the sketch from two other Layouts by Chelsea Cook...

Challenge - Scraplift a layout.

Take a closer look at the Sketch and Challenge >>>



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The June Subscriber FREEBIE - Background Paper


As mentioned above, I have just finished designing a collection of 12 new downloadable background papers. Called "Colourful Beauty" and I will be designing an extra one (maybe two) just for you!


As usual the email with the link to your FREEBIE will be mid June.


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