Video availableHow to make Layered Flowers
from Ripped Paper




By Sunday Lamdin


A particularly quick and easy way to make embellshments for a scrapbooking page, card or indeed any project (such as a mini bag) is to get ripping your paper into shapes!

This technique is especially good for making "shabby" flowers and the finished effect can look excellent if you layer contrasting papers.




Here are a couple of examples of ripped and layered flowers. The first is a card (Basic Grey "Boxer" collection in case you were wondering!) upon which I have placed a single 6-layer flower with a rope effect button in the centre. I have used various widths of foam double sided tape and curled the edges of each petal to give the flower extra dimension.

In the example below I have used the ripped and layers technique for a scrapbook page. This time the layers are flat and brads fix them in place. I also ripped leaf shapes for this page too.

To obtain the desired effect of the white core of the paper outlining the edge of your "petals", with the patterned side of the paper facing you, make sure you pull the paper towards you - away from the piece you wish to keep. In this way the tearing will lift some of the pattern around the edge leaving a nice white rim. (Don't forget you can use chalks or inks to colour the white edge for a different effect.)

In the picture below I am holding the circle I want to use as my petal in my left hand and pulling the excess paper towards me with my right. Keep your thumb and forefinger tightly pinched onthe edge of the circle you are making to guide the tearing.

Here is the finished inner circle.

Next take your smallest circle and place it on your next layer's paper. Holding the first cirle in position, use it as a guide to rip out a slightly bigger circle. Then take that circle and use it as a guide for the next layer and so on.

When you have all your layers torn, simply stick them together.

Use 3D pads for extra dimension, or simply use flat. Adding a button or similar embellishment in the middle makes a nice finish to the final flower.

This technique is suitable for many projects and is great for using up scraps. Happy ripping!


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