Video AvailableHow to make a 6x6 Mini Album
from One sheet of 12x12 cardstock




by Sunday Lamdin


I love mini albums... it's no secret! But I especially love Quick and Easy ones, and this one is just that!

You need only one sheet of 12x12" cardstock to made the base and a couple of folds and a teeny bit of cutting later and your ready to start putting on papers and embellishments.

You can add a ribbon tie to it (as I have with the blue album pictured) or just leave it without.


Here is a picture of three of the inside pages of the Valentines Day album I made for my husband, the flap on the left flips in to reveal another inside page. For some more pictures of the whole album visit this blog post.

Here are some of the inside pages of the one I very quickly made for my daughter (age 5) to give to her that afternoon (she wanted something for Valentines Day too!) There are more pictures in this blog post. (scroll down a bit for the pictures)

To make the base, just score two lines on your 12x12" cardstock, both at 6 inches along the edges to make a cross (you will have 4 6x6 squares).

Now cut out one of those quater squares to make an "L" shape of your cardstock.

Now fold the ends into the corner.

You will see that the inside flap causes a little "bulkiness" under the fold of the front flap. The solution to this is to shave off a tiny strip of card from the top of the inside flap, 2-3mm, 1/16".

Now you have a base for your 6 page 6x6" mini album.





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